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«The people’s forum», 4rd Edition

Siby, Kita and Fana : From Resistance to Alternatives, peoples are moving forward

Part of the African Social Forum and the World Social Forum, the 4th Edition of the People’s Forum will take place in Fana in Mali from the 6th to the 9th of July, 2005. It is a counter summit of the G8 planed from the 6th to the 8th of July 2005 in Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom.

What is the People’s Forum?

The people’s forum is a popular manifestation to educate, exchange, communicate, inform, plan citizens’ actions and elaborate alternatives to neo-liberal globalization. The People’s Forum is historically the first counter summit of African people against the G8.

What are the achievements and additional values of the People’s Forum ?

The People’s Forum is neither an ordinary nor a spectacular forum. During the recent editions, respectively Siby 2002, Siby 2003 and Kita 2004, the forum has resulted in significant steps forwards that have supported the campaigns and advocacy actions of social movements fighting for social and economic justice. Some significant achievement of the forum are:

  • Democratic expression;
  • The increase of communities’ information level through symposiums, conferences, workshop sessions... ;
  • People awareness of the necessity of solidarity in fighting the international financial power and its corollary which is «neo-liberal Globalisation»;
  • People’s strong aspiration for peace;
  • Consideration of the environmental issue with the case of the mining companies behaviour, for example Sadiola in Mali;
  • Increasing awareness of the communities to handle their own destiny by making new alternative proposals regarding to privatisation, global trade, the international finance and the pernicious camouflage of micro credit.

Who are the participants to the People’s Forum ?

The participants to the People’s Forum are :

  • All the social movements at local, regional and international level such as peasants, youth and women movements, religious and human rights organisations, the media, artists, trade - unions, NGOs and social movements networks...
  • Opinion leaders, students, university workers, researchers, local leaders...

We should all be mobilized to make the Forum a citizen’s action and an alternatives platform for social improvement.

« All together, let’s build a world of justice and solidarity »!

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